• Compliance Services and Audits
    • Compliances handholding including Registration, Payment of duties & taxes, Preparation and filing of returns etc.
    • Conducting audits as per the requirement of the statute or compliance audits / Due Diligence Check as per the needs of the clients.
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  • Representations, Litigation and Opinions
    • Representation for Assessments, Appeals, Refunds and other matters.
    • Handling Litigations and Appearing before Appellate Authorities.
    • Opinions for complex representation, litigation and planning matter.
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  • Planning and Transaction Structuring
    • Structuring Transaction, Agreement or Contracts to Optimize incidence of Indirect Tax.
    • Advice on proper Classification, Valuation, Applicability of Taxes on Transactions in reference to Benefits / Exemptions.

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  • Advisory and Consultation
    • Advisory Service relating to SEZ / EOU / STP / HTP / FTZ and assisting on other Issues related to Customs Duty and Foreign Trade Policy
    • Assistance for Advance Ruling and Imparting knowledge to cope up with the implementation process of proposed GST.

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